What is Salesforce Quote-to-Cash?

CPQ, which stands for Configure, Price, Quote, is software that enables sales teams to quickly generate accurate quotes for complex products.

Salesforce CPQ gives your sales team easy to use software, available on any device due to it’s cloud based platform.

With one click, deliver a fully-branded quote for immediate approval, with relevant product documentation, terms and conditions, and support for electronic signatures.

Cloudy Wave lead the space in implementations of large complex projects which can include the requirements such as, selling Furniture products across globe.

Why Salesforce CPQ?

Faster Quotes

Salesforce CPQ automates all the manual workflows. With increased speed, it helps in the faster generation of quotes for enhanced customer experience.

Accurate Quotes

Through the automation of all the manual processes, Salesforce CPQ eliminates the chances of human errors. It improves the consistency and accuracy of the quotes.

Better Control

Salesforce CPQ offers organizations with better control over the quoting process. It helps in better measurement of the consistency and accuracy of quotes.

Simpler Process

Salesforce CPQ simplifies the whole quoting process. It helps in reducing the time to the market.

Our Slesforce CPQ Services

  • We Provide A wide range of services related to the Salesforce CPQ
  • We have years of rich experience and expertise in a particular domain
  • At Coludy Wave, we have a team of experts possessing exceptional knowledge and experience in Salesforce CPQ implementation
  • We have a successful track record of effectively implementing Salesforce CPQ for a number of organizations
  • We assist in enhancing the productivity and overall sales revenue of the organizations
  • We offer customized Salesforce CPQ service to meet the exact needs of different businesses