The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) from Salesforce gives you easier, more detailed control of donations from your organisation. The combination of the NPSP with the Cloudy Wave provides the most versatile, scalable business management framework for non-profits in the world, from fundraising to programme initiatives and more.

With no duplicate or inaccurate data, our non-profit clients enjoy lightning-fast, fully automated, real-time, donation management, and accounting. Cloudy Wave drives the cause of your nonprofit to the next level.

In the world of donor management for nonprofits, it’s fun when there is something new to talk about. After all, it is important to manage and report on constituent and donor experiences to collect the funds that support the mission of a nonprofit.

The latest release of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack offers a number of new features that take the CRM platform to new levels for nonprofits. While the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) has been around for many years, it is still not known to some nonprofits, and many who are familiar with it do not know about its latest advances. I will highlight some of the reasons you might want to consider the NPSP for your donor management needs in this article:

A powerful, complex system for managing and reporting on your donor and constituent interactions is the Nonprofit Success Pack:

  • It makes the tasks of donor management more efficient.You can build them in one place in the NPSP instead of manually keeping track of contacts and donors in spreadsheets, or having to receive a donation in one scheme and then manually key it into another.
  • It’s cloud-based and mobile-friendly, so you can access donor data from anywhere, plus you can do anything you can do on a desktop with the NPSP with a mobile device.
  • It’s Free!10 user licenses/NPSP logins are free for non-profits ($36/month for additional licenses for the NPSP).
  • It’s powerful,built on the Salesforce platform, and you get the same powerful CRM tool as any Fortune 500 business using Salesforce as a non-profit user.
  • With you, it can grow.The NPSP, via the Salesforce AppExchange, connects with thousands of applications, many designed specifically for nonprofits. So, with everything from email management to peer-to-peer fundraising management to credit card processing (just to name a few), as the needs of your company change, you can extend and develop your Salesforce CRM solution.
  • Extensive training and resources are included.Combined with comprehensive training tools and access to the Power of Us Hub, the Salesforce Trailhead ecosystem offers a network of training and resources.

Its latest release makes the Nonprofit Success Pack even better:

  • It allows you to record matching gifts. It’s not much easier to get a donation that eventually results in two donations / twice the money! The NPSP allows non-profits to identify and track matching organizations, record the original donation received, and then produce the matching gift from the record of the matching organization. In the NPSP, this function is versatile, allowing you to record one matching check with one single gift, or divide that single matching check between several other original gifts.
  • It allows you to record soft credits in full and in part (a credit for a donation that a contact or donor did not actually make, but may have somehow influenced).
    • In “rollup” fields, soft credits are calculated on contact records, making it easy to see how many contributions a contact has affected over a lifetime for your organisation.
    • Examples of these involve matching donations, or when donations are powered by a peer-to-peer fundraiser (for any donation he/she brings in as part of his/her efforts, the fundraiser will earn soft credit).
  • It is ready for the latest Lightning user interface within Salesforce and compliant with it. Lightning is a series of tools and technology behind a massive update to the platform of Salesforce, and it is sponsored by the NPSP.

Be sure to take a look at the Nonprofit Success Pack if you have not seen Salesforce in a while (or ever!). For your nonprofit, it might just be the best donor management solution. And, if you’re still not sure if the NPSP is right for your nonprofit, Cloudy Wave will help you assess and even set up the NPSP for your organization.