Grow Your Business with Marketing Cloud

Personalise customer experiences across every channel with Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud, previously known as Exact Target, is the digital marketing arm of the Salesforce product family. The software helps digital marketers to create personalized 1-to-1 email communications to drive better customer engagement and marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Discover Marketing Cloud features that help you build better customer journeys and enhance customer engagement with brands across channels outside of email as well including web, mobile, social and ads.

  • Messaging for every step of the customer journey
  • 1:1 content personalization
  • Comprehensive, real-time tracking and reporting
  • Pre-built templates and themes
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Customer Data Platform

Benefits to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Connect to Customers:Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps marketers in getting into customers and listen to them over the web. Learn and understand more about customers and their activities. Marketing teams can use all this to deliver more personalised experiences.

Mould Customer Experiences to Better:Shape customer experience by using predictive analytics. Study customer’s behavioural history to notice their future actions. Marketing cloud accesses customers activity which can be tracked of what they have done in the past can be used to understand their next plans. Notifications, subscriptions etc of what are they using and what are they sharing ahead.

Interaction on Customers Health:Understand customers satisfactory levels, based on that marketers can decide and deliver their content. Marketing cloud can adapt activities based on the problem solving of signals and their feelings. Determine all this based on the customers journey and their feedbacks.