Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based software solution that handles the medical industry’s patient relationships. It enables users to extend a holistic patient perspective with electronically integrated data from medical records and other additional important things; generate smarter treatment conclusions; communicate with patients through their caregiver associations; and handle all patient data.

What can the Salesforce Health Cloud do for you?

You may be a healthcare provider, payer, pharma, or medical equipment company, benefiting you and your customers in multiple ways from the Salesforce health cloud. As a supplier, you get access to an interactive network with the Salesforce health cloud to work and operate seamlessly across divisions to help the patients understand better.

Salesforce dashboards keep track of reference accounts that allow you to make informed decisions about marketing and advertising. In being a patient, the network organises the required prospects and their journeys. Predictive intelligence from CRM allows you to provide and patient with swift treatment and services.

Benefits of the health cloud for medical device companies:

For medical device companies involved in developing partnerships with manufacturers, controlling business processes, and promoting patient engagement, Health Cloud aims to:

  • Engage and motivate sales and account teams on any platform with the unified information, task automation, and instant insights they need. Integrate sales estimates into contracts, provide visibility into contract terms, and, with real-time feedback and observations, surface actual volume and revenue.
  • Enable and leverage account-based forecasting by sector, geography, and product line with Einstein Analytics-driven forecast models at corporate and provider level; collaboration with product, finance, and sales teams; and market forecasting-based sales goal setting.
  • By optimised, customised patient services, starting with directed programme registration, digital consent management, and omnichannel communications that put patients in charge of their care journey, improve positive experience and results for patients.

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