Salesforce provides excellent advantages to just about every department within a business; however, Salesforce is a customer support tool at its heart. It is a service for CRM or “Customer Relationship Management.” This means that handling and optimising the experiences of a business with its customers is essentially what Salesforce is about, and this clearly overlaps with the customer service department greatly, if not completely.

Salesforce Holds Complete and Reliable Customer Details

One of the key ways in which Salesforce strengthens the customer experience is to keep the data of the customer full and accurate. Incomplete, out-dated, or incorrect knowledge is a common concern in the customer service world. For consumers and customer service agents, this scenario is upsetting, and it may occur because past customer communication with the company might be between the customer and separate departments, or the customer and multiple customer service agents, leaving the current customer service employee entirely out of the loop. Salesforce exchanges customer information automatically through divisions, is incredibly easy to enter and update, making it more likely to do so for employees, and Salesforce is also good at identifying when the information might be a concern.

Customer Communication on Salesforce Streamlines

Something that almost everyone can attest to, including most customer service reps themselves, is how frustrating it is to be transferred from person to person within a company, or have to call back multiple times on different occasions, only to have to spend the first several minutes of every call mindlessly describing the same tedious series of events, problems, and information over and over to the new customer service rep. Salesforce streamlines these customer communications by allowing agents to enter and update on-going notes, and by presenting them with a full log of what happened, when it happened, the product or service the customer has, and all relevant warranty and upgrade information.

Automates of Salesforce Good Customer Service Strategies

Salesforce also saves time and resources for customer service agents by automating many of the best customer service strategies, such as monitoring customers to ensure that their complaints have been addressed completely and satisfactorily. It does this by, wherever possible, automating messages to customers and setting up alerts and schedules for messages that require the personal involvement of the agent.

Salesforce Helps Interface with other Branches of Customer Service Agents

A customer service agent will also need to consult with the IT or technology department about a new update, change, or customer problem. It is also normal to need to verify something with the marketing or sales staff with a customer service agent, or to want to consult with people from other departments that the customer has already worked with. With its Salesforce Chatter and other communication tools and services, Salesforce makes this method of collaboration across multiple departments much easier.

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