To run a profitable business project, Salesforce has proved to be the ultimate CRM solution. Yet Salesforce aims to be more than just a forum for companies for customer support. Salesforce created the Education Cloud with the aim of integrating cloud CRM services in the education sector, marking the beginning of a new era in higher education CRM.

The cloud comes with many features that make it the higher education CRM number one. The Education Cloud eases the process of maintaining an educational institution in anticipation of the organization’s needs, as well as its students and alumni.

So what features make Salesforce Education Cloud the go-to alternative for CRMs for higher education? Let’s explore!

Student Recruitment

  • Simplify the enrolment process by capturing inquiries and applications directly from the website
  • Manage pipeline funnel with automated follow-ups, notifications to ensure timely conversion
  • Setup and manage marketing campaigns and engage (and re-engage) prospects

Productivity & Collaboration

  • Comprehensive student profiling and onboarding
  • Automate school operations and workflows such as class scheduling, calendaring, attendance tracking, document generation, etc.
  • Student assessment tracking, progression, and continuation
  • Improved utilization of resources and focus on conversion
  • Advanced data sharing and task management for improved collaboration among teams
  • Mobile app for internal users to access data and process on the go

Revenue and Services

  • Revenue Management: Automatic fee calculation and scheduling. Track payments (Online, Cash, Cheque, GIRO etc) and generate receipts
  • Student Services: Setup a comprehensive support setup for students tracking and managing student requests
  • Self-service: Branded student and alumni portals for self – service and ongoing engagement
  • Compliance: Comply to relevant reporting and documentation requirements and save significant manual effort

Real-time Analytics

  • Real-time visibility into team and business performance
  • Gain insights into recruitment trends, channels, marketing campaign performance
  • Forecast revenue and allocate over a period for accurate business health analysis
  • Compliance reporting made easier

The Salesforce Education Cloud is an advanced way to streamline leadership in educational circles. Not only is the forum beneficial to the institutions using it, but it is also useful to both students and alumni. The education cloud, coupled with the useful data infrastructure and advisory connect, ranks well above any other educational CRM platform.

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