Salesforce Einstein is the first comprehensive AI for CRM. Einstein enables you to become an AI-first company so you can get smarter and more predictive about your customers. Before jumping into Salesforce Einstein, we will find out what artificial intelligence is.

  • AI makes our lives easier with personalized recommendations, intelligent search results, and automated assistants (but not killer robots)
  • AI is at an evolutionary tipping point with the convergence of data, computing power, and algorithms
  • AI is embedded in the applications that we already use in our consumer lives and is surfaced inherently through the UI experience

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a product of Salesforce and a cloud-based platform. It is a rebranded analytics tool formerly known as Wave Analytics. Einstein Analytics is used for data exploration, visualization, and getting insights for business. Einstein Analytics being native of Salesforce is secure and scalable to meet the changing business requirements. We can add more functionality to analytics from the app exchange.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics gives deeper insights from large and complex data than pre-built reports and dashboards in Salesforce CRM. Reports and dashboards have limitations but with analytics, we can import data from external sources and Salesforce into datasets where analytics stores data.

Analytics gives tools to prepare data, explore data, define logic in dataflow, and design dashboards. Create customizable analytics applications.

How does Einstein Analytics work?

Einstein Analytics connects directly with CRM data to generate dashboards and reports. Salesforce notes that you don’t have to limit yourself to Salesforce to use Einstein – you can connect other CRMs and use it for overall business intelligence. The tool’s insights are intended to offer users easy access to potential business opportunities and other areas of growth that help organizations thrive.

Salesforce Einstein (Analytics Cloud) is:

  • Your personal Data Scientist
  • AI for CRM
  • It’s built directly into the Salesforce platform
  • Use Drag & Drop to create your AI applications
  • Einstein handles the data prep, modeling, and infrastructure
  • Use SAQL (Salesforce Analytics Query Language) to manage, query, customize dashboards
  • Use Apex to pull data in real time to your Einstein Analytics dashboard
  • Use Analytics Web SDK to interact with Lightning, Visualforce and more
  • You can get PredictionIO hosted on Heroku cloud
  • Salesforce uses Apache Spark (Databricks) to power the Einstein platform and other services
  • PredictionIO inspired many concepts in Einstein

Key Features of Einstein:

Here’s how this multi-faceted Einstein platform manifests into your business activities:

  • Voice input/output: This feature leverages AI to listen to what the users speak and talk back to the users rather than just display the relevant information on a screen.
  • Intelligent Interpretation: It can predict user behavior based on an analysis of past behavior, demographic profile, and context.
  • Ready-to-use apps: AI is built into apps already in use, such as Sales, Service, Commerce, or Marketing Cloud, making it an inherent part of the Salesforce user interface. In this way, all companies can take advantage of AI across a spectrum of functions, roles, and sectors.
  • The Einstein Platform: This platform perceives the needs of varied business operations and offers tools that enable developers and managers to make custom savvy aides as per their prerequisites

If you want to learn more about or help in implementing Salesforce Einstein you can reach us for help. We would be happy to help you.

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