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Cloudy Wave Technology is a team of young and energetic people, working inline with the client’s needs and helping them grow. We work very closely with our clients and pride in solving their challenges and problems. Excellence, Quality, Commitment, Experience and Dedication are our pillars and we strongly work on those ethics.

We, @Cloudy Wave Technology, work on different areas in CRM business, help achieve the goals for our clients. Developing and maintaining applications on Salesforce is our forte. But at the same time, we ensure we are technologically well versed and update ourselves with upcoming technologies. We are a Salesforce consulting company, and at the same time, we work on other technologies as per the needs of our clients. We are a group of talented individuals who believe in achieving results with the quality work. Our work speaks a lot for us. We are passionate about solving your business challenges with the help of technology. Let’s talk.

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Our Values

The Core Values that Drive Everything

Cloudy Wave also helps to configure, modernize and customize your apps. In addition, we can incorporate the ERP system modules in an already created Salesforce system. Our Quality Assurance service is available at any point in the development process, as well as technical support.


    Strive to be the best you can be. Execute as a true professional.


    Collaborate towards success. Nurture friendship and fun.


    Be authentic and transparent. Build trust and strong relationships.


    Be creative, modern and bold. Drive continuous improvement


    Exceed expectations. Turn customers into raving fans

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